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Blended Solid Surface

Blended Solid Surface
ü Based on Unsaturated Polyester & Acrylic Resin
ü Made in China
ü Hygienic and Easy to fabricate
ü Competitive price


ü Schemar Basic Solid Surface, Blended Solid Surface made with a mix of Unsaturated Polyester resin and Acrylic Resin, properties is improved compared to 100% Unsaturated Polyester Solid Surface that is made of 100% UPE resin. It is widely used as interior counter tops such as kitchen and vanity tops as well as for cladding such as interior art wall and wall cladding.

ü It can be easily processed with carpentry tool due to its processability and repairability. It is easy to remove stain due to its non-porous surface and highly hygienic. It is much affordable compared to Acrylic Solid Surface.

ü Standard Size
   12 x 760 x 3680mm, 6 x 760 x 2500mm 

ü Applications